vail-maritime-lawyersVail, CO residents enjoy a plethora of outdoor water-based activities including boating, river rafting, jet skiing, kayaking, and traveling out of state for cruise vacations. At first glance, Colorado may seem like an odd location for America’s leading maritime attorneys, but in fact, Colorado has numerous navigable bodies of water and numerous maritime-related incidents each year. And Colorado is also home to the headquarters of Avalon Waterways River Cruises. If you have suffered significant injuries on the navigable waterways of Colorado, you likely have a maritime injury claim, and we can help.

From our Colorado satellite office, you can meet with the nation’s leading maritime firm. US News & World Report named Lipcon, Margulies & Winkleman, P.A. “Lawyer of the Year” in Admiralty & Maritime in 2020.

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Our team of 15 full-time maritime attorneys are ready to help you get the compensation you deserve. We have offices in 7 states strategically throughout the United States, including an office in Vail, Colorado.

What Is Maritime Law?

Simply put, Maritime law covers injuries and illnesses that occur on navigable waters. Maritime law dates back to before the passage of the U.S. Constitution and is also commonly referred to as admiralty law. Maritime law encompasses state, federal, and international laws, as well as Judge made law called the common law.  We have been practicing maritime law since 1971 and have a wealth of experience in dealing with the unique intricacies of maritime law.  

If you or a loved one is injured or killed on a navigable body of water, any lawsuit would likely be governed by maritime law.   Make sure you have a powerful legal advocate on your side who has extensive knowledge, training, and experience handling complex cases of this nature.

Outdoor Adventurists Sustain Maritime Related Injuries

Vail, CO is known for some of its breathtaking views and adventures for those who love to enjoy and explore the outdoors. Some of the most popular activities include:

These activities often occur on what are considered to be navigable waters. If you suffer an injury while adventuring, you may have the right to compensation for your damages if another party is responsible for causing them. 

Depending on the circumstances of your case, you may be entitled to compensation under maritime laws. Your maritime lawyer will carefully review the facts and circumstances related to your injury and determine how to best proceed.  


Common Types of Maritime Accidents Colorado

Maritime accidents can take many forms. Our firm has successfully represented injury victims, for more than 50 years, who were involved in tragic and devastating accidents. Some types of maritime accidents occur more frequently than others, such as:

Since admiralty and maritime laws are so specialized, it is easy to be confused as to whether you have grounds for a claim or how to hold the at-fault party accountable. 

Fortunately, when you have an experienced maritime attorney in Vail, CO advocating for the compensation you deserve, you can heal from your injuries while we deal with the complex maritime laws impacting your case.

Colorado Cruise Passengers Have An Ally In Their State

Accidents on cruise ships can take many forms, but Colorado cruise passengers can rely on our team to help them get justice when cruise ship operators are responsible for causing their injuries or illnesses.

In the aftermath of your cruise ship accident, you may be left feeling confused and unsure of what to do next. Every case is different. However, here are a few of the most important steps you can take immediately after your cruise injuries:

  • Take photos and video to document the accident scene and your injuries.  
  • If you are capable of doing so, document the accident scene wherever possible, which might include jotting down the names of involved crewmembers, obtaining the personal and contact information of witnesses, and taking photos of your cruise ship injuries
  • Be sure to obtain a medical evaluation as soon as possible after the accident so you can get treatment for any invisible injuries and ensure your medical records reflect your cruise ship injuries
  • Make sure an accident or crime report is filed, and be sure to ask for a copy of these reports
  • Once you are stable, be sure to reach out to a cruise ship injury attorney at Lipcon, Margulies & Winkleman, P.A. for help recovering the compensation you are entitled to

You Can Take Action by Collecting Powerful Supporting Evidence 

Our firm designed a free app that allows injury victims to track, obtain, and make notes of evidence following their cruise ship Injuries. Some of the features of our cruise ship lawyer app Include:

  • The ability to make video calls from your smartphone or electronic device, even if you are currently on navigable waters
  • Capture photos and relevant data regarding your accident and resulting injuries
  • Access our incident response checklists
  • Take note of your damages and expenses
  • Complete a free case review request and contact our firm for help

Passenger cruise ship accidents can quickly turn your vacation into a nightmare. But when you get a cruise accident attorney on your side immediately after the incident, you can take charge of your recovery.

Time Is Limited to Pursue Your Colorado Maritime Injury Claim

Although pursuing your maritime injury claim may seem daunting, it is important to get started on your case as soon as possible after the incident. Generally, the statute of limitations for most injury claims in Colorado is three years. However, certain types of maritime accidents, including cruise line accidents may limit the amount of time you have to pursue your case to just one year.

If you hope to protect your compensation and avoid the risks associated with missing these critical deadlines, take steps to secure your future. Contact a dedicated Vail maritime lawyer at Lipcon, Margulies & Winkleman, P.A. to start working on your claim as soon as today.

Contact The Nation’s Leading Maritime Lawyers

Maritime injuries can have a debilitating impact on your life. Whether you were critically injured while exploring Vail’s natural beauty or while enjoying a cruise ship vacation, you may have the right to financial compensation. Our Vail, CO maritime lawyers at Lipcon, Margulies & Winkleman, P.A. could help you recover the funds you need to rebuild your life. 

We offer free case evaluations to injury victims across Vail and surrounding cities. Claim yours when you call our office at 877-233-1238 or complete our contact form to get started on your case today.