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Cruise ship, cargo, and recreational boat crew members are involved in accidents on a routine basis. Because of a maritime worker’s fear of losing his job or facing reprisal for reporting an accident, mishaps are not always reported. Even if injuries are reported, sometimes too much time elapses between the injury and the claim, leaving the crewmember with extremely limited options, or no options at all, for recovery. Crewmembers don’t always receive the medical care or compensation they deserve for shipboard-related injuries, but they are entitled to seek legal help from a boating accident lawyer as soon as an incident occurs.

Seafarers who are injured or become ill while in service of their vessel have the right under U.S. law to receive medical care, food and shelter. Under the Jones Act (also known as the Merchant Marine Act of 1920) certain protections apply to seamen with various connections to maritime work and vessels.

Determining Jones Act seaman status is just one of the services our maritime lawyers will provide when you call our offices for a free consultation. Our attorneys are well-versed Jones Act lawyers, and we have served as a full service law firm for injured crewmembers since our inception.

Your Right to Compensation

Under the Jones Act, a seaman injured in the course of employment can bring a lawsuit against his employer. Our Jones Act law firm has represented many seaman and maritime employees who were injured or suffered death while working on sea vessels, including cruise ships, yachts, cargo ships, tug boats, oil rigs, and barges.

Generally, all seafarers have rights under maritime laws to:

  1. Wages and tips
  2. Medical care
  3. Food and shelter
  4. Transportation
  5. Contract benefits

Further, a seaman who becomes ill or injured while in the service of a vessel due to the fault of the seaman’s employer, is entitled to compensation for the seaman’s injuries, lost wages, and loss of earning capacity

Seaman’s claims encompass the rights of seaman aboard any type of vessel. To be considered a “seaman,” the worker must aid in the navigation of the vessel or contribute to the mission of the vessel. For example, entertainers aboard cruise ships are considered seamen because they aid in the mission of the vessel – which is to provide cruise vacations. Also, the worker must spend a significant amount (generally 35% or more) of his or her time working on a vessel, rather than on land. Although the work performed might not always be on water, if a “vessel” is not involved, it is unlikely for that the worker will be considered a seaman. In addition, a non-seaman worker performing traditional seaman’s work might also be considered a seaman for the purposes of the law.

If you have become ill or have suffered an injury while working onboard a vessel, or on land while in the service of a vessel, a boating accident attorney at our firm will help you recover the maximum compensation to which you are entitled under the law.

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