Contacting Us From Overseas?

How to Contact Us from Overseas

Our maritime lawyers have represented an international clientele from countries in North America, Central America, South America, Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia, and the Middle East. We have the ability to handle matters in English, Spanish, Creole (Louisiana French), French, German, Norwegian and Polish. We are capable of conducting representation and court appearances in virtually any language. We can also make arrangements to speak with a member of our maritime law firm team in your native language on your initial call.

Call the offices of our cruise lawyers today at 1-877-233-1238. Email us or use the contact forms available on our homepage to discuss your legal matter. We can make an appointment to discuss your case free of charge and with no obligation.

If you are located in a foreign country and need to reach us, we have established the following numbers so that you can place a call as though it were a local call. If you would like to call a cruise lawyer from within any of the following countries, you can reach us at in our Miami, Florida, offices through these area-specific local telephone numbers and only pay for a local call.

(Please remember that we are located in the United States on Eastern Standard Time (GMT -4 hours) and that we are normally available between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m.)


Australia (02) 6100 4492
Brazil (31) 3231 4088
Chile (02) 6100 4492
Dominican Republic 202-3645
Poland (12) 394 6204
Romania (031) 224 95 69
United Kingdom (0113) 815 0060

These local telephone numbers will ring directly to our offices.

If you are calling us from any other country, you must call us with a regular long distance call at (001) 305-373-3016. If this option will not work for you, feel free to contact us online. However, be sure to provide us with enough information so that our team can reach you.

Internet Dialing (Skype Users):

You can call our law firm at absolutely no cost from any country using Skype, a free voice over Internet provider dialing service (VoIP). Skype is both free to download and to use. It is very easy to install and can be used from most computers, smart phones and tablet devices.

Download Skype now, and enjoy free internet calling.

Skype requires the following capabilities to function properly:

  • An Internet connection, with sufficient bandwidth. Though broadband is recommended for high quality voice, a simple dial-up connection of around 64 kbps will work for voice calls. Around 400 kbps will be needed for video calls.
  • A hearing device and a microphone. For video calls, you will need a web camera.
  • An operating system of a version that is supported by Skype. All current Windows versions are supported, as well as Mac OS. You need to check for the Linux versions that are supported. As for mobile phones, check whether your phone model is supported.
  • The Skype application, which you can download from Skype, iTunes or the Android marketplace and install on your device.
  • A Skype account. You need to register with Skype and have an account with a user name and password that you will enter each time you log in to your account. This account is free.
  • Skype credits. Skype calls are completely free worldwide, but only if you are communicating with someone using Skype, just like you, over an Internet connection. If you want to use Skype to call our firm on our landline phone, you will need some prepaid credit on your account, because calls to non-Skype numbers are not free. Nevertheless, they are cheap.

If you already have Skype, just click below to call a cruise ship lawyer for free!

Please direct any questions regarding Internet dialing and Skype to the Skype web site.