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The state of Washington has extensive waterways running through Bellevue, Tacoma, Olympia and Seattle. The largest ferry system within the U.S. is located within Washington State and there is a fleet of 28 different ferries navigating along Puget Sound and inland waterways.

More than 147,000 sailings occur annually, taking passengers to 20 different ports of call. Washington is home to the five longest floating bridges worldwide and the state is also bordered on the coast by the Pacific Ocean.

With so much water, there is great potential for injuries to occur on navigable waterways. When this happens, a Washington maritime lawyer can help you determine what laws may apply to provide protection and benefits to victims.

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Injuries on Navigable Waters

Maritime laws apply when injuries occur on navigable waterways of the United States. When there are boats out at sea or injuries happen in marine commerce, there are many legal complications. Ships may fly flags of different countries and typical laws regulating personal injury or workplace injury claims may not apply. Victims still need to get their medical bills paid and their losses covered even when injuries happen offshore and maritime laws make it possible for those who are harmed to take legal action.

Seamen are provided with special protection under the Jones Act, which is legislation applicable in cases where injuries happen to maritime workers. The Jones Act not only applies to injuries that occur offshore on vessels but also to injuries that happen on land while in the service of a vessel.

The Jones Act can provide significantly more benefits to injured seamen than claims under the Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act. This means that when you experience an injury while doing maritime work in Washington, you need to find out if the Jones Act applies to you. A skilled lawyer can provide assistance to victims in determining what types of seaman claims can be made.

Seamen and those working on offshore vessels are likely to suffer very serious injuries when employers have an unseaworthy ship because the jobs that seamen do require tough, physical work. However, even cruise ship passengers can be injured when they are on vessels that are not properly maintained or that have inadequate security measures in place to protect passengers.

Different types of maritime law apply to give victims of cruise ship accidents and other accidents on pleasure vessels the right to pursue a claim for compensation. An attorney with experience in U.S. maritime law and with an understanding of the process for pursuing cases against ships from around the world can provide help to victims who get hurt.

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Whether you are working on a vessel in Washington State or are on a pleasure cruise that has left from the area, you need to understand what rights you have when something goes wrong. Because of the complexities associated with admiralty and maritime law, you cannot trust just any attorney to help you

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